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Your Reiki Practitioner – Sandy Cee

Sandy Cee is a natural empathic and intuitive Reiki Practitioner who has been attuned to Reiki as a modality for many years. Firstly from her Spirit Guides and then from her Reiki Master in person back in 2003.

Due to Covid, she is providing her treatments via Phone, Skype or Zoom from her Sadleir Reading Rooms during the week. Or on weekends at her Shop 14/The Galleria Ettalong Beach NSW face to face. Appointments are essential.


What to Expect from Your Reiki Treatment

First, it is always lovely to relax and when Sandy has you laying down or sitting in her massage chair, she will calm your energies within the first five minutes. As an experienced and traditional practitioner, being gifted with her guides, she will calm the troubled soul within to bring about the soothing sensation you will feel while the treatment is in session. There is no need for you to undress. Indeed, you will remain fully dressed for the entire session.

  1. First, she will scan you with her hands and eyes. Her eyes will see the subtleties of energy differences in colours. Commonly called your Auras so she will know instantly where to focus her hands. When she scans with her hands, she can sense the difference in body temperature. For instance, if you have just eaten, there will be a warmer temperature around your stomach – or Solar Plexus. Hence, she will need to scan further with her eyes to see if there is anything truly unusual in that area which your body may mask.
  2. Second, she will begin with the treatment, putting her hands together in the traditional Sensei position (or prayer position) so that she signals to her Spirit that she is about to enter the Reiki Treatment phase of your session.
  3. Third, she will spread her hands over most of your body area, focusing where she has felt and sensed the sensitive areas which require more attention. She will give to you her special energies in order to maintain a balanced equilibrium in your energies. In this manner, she is calming the restlessness that is within and allowing your body to do the work it is required to do in order to give you the best chance of “normalcy” in your daily life.

What is Reiki Good for?

Reiki is great for those who just want to chill out and relax. If you are stressed at different times in your year such as around exam time, end of fiscal year, or before, during or after change has taken place at work, home or study. This stress can and often does create great upheaval in our lives and we need to have some type of energy treatment in order to calm the savage beast within. Sometimes it can help to have an hour session, or two half hour sessions within the same week.

Reiki is great for children or animals. If they have become stressed (emotionally, or physically) then they can react to this stress by not being themselves. They may shout / scream / whine, or even adopt  a more obstinate persona. In these cases, a one off session may be all that is needed.

Reiki is great if  you or someone close to you suffers with any long term pain such as arthritis or rheumatism. Regular half hour doses of this calming Reiki Energy Treatment can and often does alleviate the pain and anguish to bring about an improved daily life. At worst it is said to bring about improved sleep. Regular treatments can be once or twice weekly, for half to an hour at a time.

How your Treatment will take Place

Sandy has been an accomplished Reiki Practitioner for over twenty years and is able to send her energies via distance from the room next door, to thousands of miles away – even in a different country. She is able to do that which she can as a reader and also as a Teacher and Master Practitioner. All she requires is a photograph of the person for which the treatment is required and the full name as well as date of birth. The energy travels along the paths of the globe in order to reach the person being treated. She will spend the same time that is logged into her diary and will notify you when the treatment has concluded.


There are times when you don’t feel anything from this treatment straight away. It is likened to a slow working aspirin which can take up to twelve hours to have any effect. Some people don’t feel anything at all except for an improvement n their sleep patterns and then feel better gradually. It is not unusual to hear feedback in two weeks after the treatment has taken place that the energy “did its job”.

It is helpful if the person having the treatment drinks plenty of water after this treatment, whether it is by distance or face to face. It is helpful if at least eight glasses or two to three litres of water are drunk each day. (One day being twenty four hours). This is to facilitate the energy moving in a continuous and uninterrupted flow.

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