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Your Reader – Sandy Cee

Sandy Cee is a natural empathic and intuitive reader who has learned her skills from so many lifetimes she has lost track of them all. Currently journeying through her many past lives and recording them all in her travels, she is available for Psychic Readings one to one.

Due to Covid, she is providing her readings via Phone, Skype or Zoom from her Sadleir Reading Rooms during the week. Or on weekends at her Shop 14/The Galleria Ettalong Beach NSW face to face. Appointments are essential.


What to Expect from Your Reading

Be careful what you ask for – you just may receive it! If there’s one thing Sandy has learned that’s it. It is always better to be direct toward The Universe – Spirit and ask specifically. Imagine you have just found a Genie’s Lamp and you may have three wishes. Well, instead of three wishes, you get to ask three things.

These can be anything from the following subjects – or more:

  1. Love life – this is always important – finding that someone special, letting go of one, choosing from two beloved ones, or how to spice up the one you’re in.
  2. Family relationships – some are too difficult to go into detail. Parents, children, grandchildren and so much more. What is happening, what will happen, how to cement them together or cope with distance. Especially due to the Covid lockdowns we have all experienced in the past two years.
  3. Health – for yourself, a family member or even a friend. It could be anything from a niggle that has been haunting you or something more serious or sinister. If you want to know how the outcome will be, best to ask.
  4. Travel – for most of us we are now out of lockdown and looking forward to getting back to some semblance of normality. That includes travelling – either within our our state, country or for some lucky ones – overseas.
  5. Career – lost your job during Covid? Want to change career paths? Or just embarking on a new one. Perhaps you’d like to explore the opportunity of a new business venture? Whatever makes your heart beat faster, now is the time to ask.
  6. Progeny – over the years Sandy has told many a single mum that there will be a baby on the way soon. Sure enough those long awaited for bundles of joy have arrived and some more even made their appearance. No matter what the future looks like, there can be little souls aching to become your special little one.
  7. Anything else – of course, these are but a few examples of questions you can ask. Whether you are troubled by something, or simply want some guidance. Choose from one of these topics, or choose one of your own.

The more focused you are on what you want to ask, the better the reading will be. Sandy is a gifted diviner as she hones into the energies, partnering with Spirit along the way, she may have familiars helping and guiding her to the answers you have asked of. She receives messages from her Spirit Guides and Angels so anything that comes to her, she will pass on to you, no matter how strange it sounds.

How your Reading will take Place

Sandy is adept at using the Tarot cards, or sometimes may not even use the cards. It depends upon the energies she feels. As an Empath, she uses her senses to feel the energies around her so she can know which way to begin. She has been known to shuffle the cards all the way through a reading, but never choose one to lay down as the words come to her – channelled from Spirit, her Guides and Angels.


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