Welcome to Greg’s Showcase Crystal Cave.

Brimming with crystals, gemstones, minerals and fossils from across the globe. We are an online shop with a small (on the outside, but large on the inside) physical shop at Galleria Ettalong Beach in New South Wales Central Coast, just one hour from Sydney. Check out our Contact page to see a map and our contact details.

We are proud to provide our range of Crystals, Minerals and Fossils to you, our valued customers.

Over the years we have sold many beautiful specimens as we have scoured the globe looking for just the right pieces to bring to you all. You will see a great deal more of them as we add them to our catalogue.

Today we are again in the same business with the same service that we have always provided to you. Quality with a smile. It is our goal to bring you more quality pieces rather than quantity, so some of our range will only be One of. Be quick to purchase them. As we also have a physical shop at Ettalong Galleria, we ask that you double check with us if you want a certain item. Although we do our best to offer you only goods that we have available to you, we cannot guarantee all items if only one is available.

Happy shopping

Greg & Sandy

A Little History

  • 1965 – This is the year Greg’s Showcase officially was born. It was a long time ago, and a great deal of fun. Working from the back garage at home in Sadleir, people came from everywhere to see our collection. Sometimes by the busload from all the Gem & Lapidary Clubs.
  • 1976 – We moved into our first shop at 69 Hume Highway Chullora. Right on the main drag. That too was a great deal of fun. We finally had room to put more showcases and expanded our business into Lapidary, Books, Silversmithing, Carving, and much more.
    Sandy also joined us officially at Easter 1977 for her first Gemboree.
  • 1983 – A new decade, a new shop. This time it was on the corner of The Horsley Drive and Loscoe Street, Fairfield. Much more room to devote to our crystals, Jewellery Making and Lapidary. By this time The Cabachon was born as our Quarterly Newsletter and still going strong with a National and International Mailing Order list.
  • 1989 – Well, we were on the road so much, we decided to close the shop and get out to meet all of you. We travelled from Cairns To Tasmania as much as six times a year. Not to mention our journeys to the West Coast. We were kept extremely busy – still having fun.
  • 1995 – A spot of bad health saw us move into a new shop at Glenfield, right opposite the Railway Station. We still had our crystals and by now we’re expanding into the Metaphysical Realm with Sandy being our chief Psychic Reader and Healer while I taught and practiced Meditation. The times were a changing.
  • 2002 – After a brief stint at visiting our friends at various shopping centres around Sydney, we made another permanent home in Campbelltown. The area was a great hub for Metaphysical Energy and met some great new friends. Still selling crystals, but now doing more workshops and healing treatments.
  • 2006+ – We opened up a little shop at the Ettalong Markets (Now, The Galleria, Ettalong Beach) and have been there ever since. We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves, having come full circle back to crystals, minerals, and Fossils. Of course, we also have our Gemstones and Jewellery too. Do look up our Contact Page to see where we are located so you can come to visit. 


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Our Team

Greg Cohen


Mineralogist, Former CEO of Greg’s Showcase, Collector and lover of Fossils, Crystals and Gemstones.
Former Judge with AFLACA and Gem & Lapidary Council of New South Wales
Contributor to The Cabachon E-mag

Sandy Cee

Reader, Teacher, Author

Owner of Greg’s Showcase, Lover of Crystals, Fossils and Gemstones. Teacher of Reiki, Meditation, Tarot & Psychic Development.
Contributor to The Cabachon E-mag.


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