Crystal Bowl 11 inch


  • When an organ or other part of the body is vibrating out of tune or non-harmoniously, it is called dis-ease. A body is in a healthy state of being when each cell and each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being.
    • The sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls in balancing the body, work in two ways.
      The disharmonious conditions are being adjusted or removed
      A sacred space is created for strengthening the person’s higher self-connection or Divine Blueprint

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Crystal Singing Bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz and heated to about 4000
degrees in a centrifugal mould. They are the finest, pristine, crystal singing bowls. Then, they
are tested to determine the musical note. Although the larger bowls have a deeper, lower
octave, tone, it is not the size that determines the ‘note’ of the bowl. The bowls are associated
with the musical scale, starting with C, then D, E, F, G, A and B. These notes are in turn
associated with the Seven Chakras of the Human System.

They are available in clear or frosted bowls; in a variety of sizes. The bowls emit a powerful
and pure resonance. The larger bowls are much more reverberate, with the tone lingering
longer, simply because of the size and amount of crystal. The sound emitted from Crystal
Singing Bowls is known to have healing effects.
* All Crystal Singing Bowls come with O-ring and rubbing stick. 

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Dimensions 275 × 275 × 275 cm


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