An Audience with Sandy Cee Medium

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Sandy Cee is a Medium, Psychic and all round Clairvoyant. She will channel messages from your loved ones to you as she stands communicating with her Spirit Guides, Angels and Spirit. When she holds her sessions, she never knows who may come through and give what message. At times, only images appear in her inner third eye, other times, it may be the scent, feeling or even a voice talking to her inner ear. When Spirit chooses to talk, then she listens. It is all about the message.

If you have lost a loved one recently, or even in the last ten years. There is no time in the Spirit Realm. Linear time ceases to exist. Our concept of time is very different when Spirit wishes to communicate witth any of us.

There is no guarantee of who or what will come through. It does make it easier of you come prepared for the messages which may come along. It could be your beloved budgergar, last fur-babe or extended family or friend. Come armed with photographs – either onn your phone or hard copy. The clearer yu are in your mind for who you want to come through the higher chance of your lobed one coming throuogh.

There are no guarantees though, so be prepared for silence as well. Sandy will prepare herself as best she can on the day of her session. Be positive and inviting. Open to any message and she will try to accommodate you when you arrive.

This is a new session she is introducing in her new Reading Rooms 11 at The Galleria Ettalong Beach – 189 Ocean View Road, Ettalong Beach. The first session will be on Sunday 25th September 10.00am. Numbers will be limited due to space so please book early. Price is per person per session. First in best dressed.

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Afternoon 2,00pm, Morning 10.00am


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