Connecting to Your Psychic Self for Protection


When ever we open up our spiritual body, we are opening ourselves up to other energies which are abounding around us. Sometimes these energies will come and take over us and affect us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Other times they will simply interrupt our thought waves, distract us from completing important tasks or confuse our thoughts so that we end up doing tasks twice.

In order to prevent these incidents happening, we need to understand how to protect ourselves. We do this through meditation techniques which is very like a mind aerobics. The more we exercise our mind to keep it in tip top condition, like our body, we will always be able to remain in control and not allow any energies to take us over.

This is the first step to your Psychic Development and can be done face to face, or by distance. You will receive a manual and a certificate of attainment with this workshop. See Description below for more details.



This course is available to you in the following locations:

  1.  In the comfort of your own home – Skype
  2. In the comfort of your own home – if you and a friend want do the workshop together. This must be within a 10km radius of either Liverpool, NSW or Ettalong Beach, NSW. If you live further away, I will consider coming to you with a group of up to five or more people. Please use the Contact form to find out more.
  3.  At my place (Sadleir Reading Rooms) located near Liverpool. This is available one to one Monday to Friday. If you would like to come on weekends, and you have two or three friends who would like to do this with you, then use the Contact form to find out more.

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Ettalong Markets, Sadleir Reading Room


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