Tarot Reading with Sandy Cee


A Tarot reading with Sandy Cee will show you what you ask for. For any reading, Sandy can give you messages, or information for what you need. But it is always that she asks you to think clearly for what you want to know. For, what you need, will always come forward from The Universe. While what you want to ask may not.

Spirit will provide the answers to your queries through the cards, no matter which deck of cards Sandy uses, or which spread. She is a natural Diviner and looks through to interpret the cards to answer your questions. Therefore it is imperative for you to think clearly and formulate your questions as specifically as you can when entering into the reading.

Over the years, she has found it unnecessary to choose whether the deck of cards is cut using your left or right hand. What is more important is your intent to have specific questions answered. There are times when one finds one choosing a reading for no apparent reason.

This happens when you are at a crossroads or walking toward one in your daily life. Your Spirit Guides may have difficulty in guiding you to your correct path, so they will plant the idea of a reading in your mind. Therefore, sometimes you end up visiting places you had no such intention.

Each of her Tarot Readings goes for half an hour. If you would like a little more time, please let her know at the time of booking. If at the time of the reading you would like to go for an extra half hour, if it is available, she will extend your reading thus far.


One Saturday morning after finishing a late breakfast, Sandy sat staring into space as it sometimes happens when you are alone and know there is something else that needs to be done. Pondering upon the thoughts entering into her mind’s eye, she sat facing the front living room window.

A vision appeared before her eyes of seven Tarot cards, all face down and in one straight line. Although she had not  seen a single Tarot card in this life-time, she intuitively knew what they were and what they represented. Unalarmed, she looked at them. Then one by one they came face up to show her the image of each card. As she deciphered the card in her mind, they returned to face down. By the time she had deciphered the seventh card, she  knew that she could now read the Tarot cards.

It was a strange time in her life when, during her  awakening many such visions, thoughts and messages came her way to give rise to the change which would lead her to becoming a full time professional Tarot and Psychic Reader. As an empath she found the Tarot cards that she now uses as they came to her from moments of opportunity. Although most of her readings are Psychic readings these days, she still loves to get her Tarot cards out for a look see every once in a while.



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