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Host your own Psychic Party in the comfort of your own home.

If you live within 10km of Central Coast – on weekends only – during the day.

If you live within 10km of Liverpool CBD – during the week, (for weekends, Conditions Apply) You can also host a Mini Crystal Party at the same time. That means that while Sandy is doing the readings, our Crystal Man – Greg will come along and bring his crystals or a range of Tibetan/Crystal Bowls (subject to availability) for you to choose, peruse and buy. There is no extra cost for this service. He will need a clear table (or floor space) though on which to display the crystals. EFTPOS is accepted as well.

Sandy comes to your home and offers a choice of different readings for your friends and or family. Minimum of six people. Price per person is $50.00 (*Conditions Apply). The maximum number of ten people.

Please note these are Mini readings. Each reading is 20 minutes. 

  • Palm Reading – This reading tells me more about you personally.
  • General Tarot Reading – Ask one question to know what the future holds
  • Destiny Reading – Find out where and what is meant for you in your life
  • Angel Reading – Receive guidance from the angels on planning for the year or special projects
  • I Ching Reading – Receive guidance from the forces of nature about your special life path
  • Runes – Reading the stones from the bag. Very intuitive.

All she requires is a room to come and do the readings, a small table and two chairs. She will bring the rest

She also does Past Life Regression Parties – this is with an audience of your friends and or family where everyone may experience their own past life by regressing as she guides you back to another time when you were happy, and you can discover a place where you see your birthday and family from the past. (Please Note: Not everyone may experience anything from this reading)

Contacting Passed Loved Ones – this is with an audience of your friends and or family where she will link into the Spirit World with the help of her Spirit Guides and Angels. She will attempt to connect to any of your loved ones who have passed in your lifetime and pass on any messages that which come along. (Please Note: Not everyone will experience anything from this reading)

Spiritual Wax Art by Sandy Cee – this is for each individual person who comes along. You can do this in the main room, or in a side room. Dependent upon your guests and their choice of privacy. Sandy will create a unique colourful image from your 3 choices of colour and give you the reading based on this image.

Conditions *
For parties inside a 25km radius of Liverpool or 10km radius Ettalong Beach, the price will be $50 per person.  Greg, The Crystal Man is not available for weekend parties. For further distances outside of these ranges, please contact us for more details.
Minimum of five people attending – Maximum of ten people attending.

M: 0407 139 353.
A minimum of four weeks’ notice is required for any party booking.


1 review for Psychic Party

  1. Jodie

    Would u be able to do this sat 26th of may . Round 12pm sanremo nsw 2262 . I have 6 people .

    • Sandy Cee

      Hi Jodie, this is incredibly short notice, could you please ring me 0428712251 asap to discuss. I would need to begin no later than 11.00am.
      Bright Blessings
      Sandy Cee

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