Mediumship: Contacting Loved Ones





Sometimes we need to ask for help from other areas.

Sandy has been a natural medium long before she even knew that she could read the Tarot Cards. She was talking with, seeing, and hearing spirit from an early age. As a medium, she can communicate with the Spirit World and attempt to contact those who have crossed over.

However sometimes it is not always possible to establish communication with that spirit, specifically. So, we ask for help to bridge the gap and be able to receive messages from another loved one, be they friend or family member – someone who has already passed over. We can make these wonderful connections through the massive network that is The Spirit World.

She has had a good success rate of contacting loved ones who have crossed over, as well as receiving messages from them and others. This reading requires an appointment and can be done either face to face, or over Skype/Zoom. It is for one hour. Recording is allowed with your own phone during the reading. To book for your next session of Mediumship with Sandy Cee, please select to purchase this reading, pay, then contact us to make your booking.


This reading is only available by Zoom/Skype/Messenger Video due to the length of the reading and our reading room being small. However, you may invite close family / friends in your home to do this reading with you and ask questions at the same time.

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Ettalong Markets, Sadleir Reading Room


Face to Face, Messenger, Phone, Skype, Zoom


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