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4 – Agate Mini Polished Slice


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This beautiful Agate Mini Polished Slice of blue, has been chosen from the mountain of Agate Slices to bring to you, our online customer. Showing you the wonderful pattern that only Agate can present with a very small showing of crystals right in the middle. This one could almost be part of a feather from a Peacock. However, make of it what you will, it is a beautiful slice of Nature.

Use this as a personal Agate to carry with you in your purse or pocket. Purchase a few of them to create your own wind chime, or give as a gift to a special friend to show the Pattern of Life.

Don’t forget to combine your purchases to save on postage. (Please Note, we have many more available in our shop at Ettalong Markets, Ocean View Road for personal shoppers).


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