8 – Matching Crystal Pairs Mexico


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These brilliantly shiny mini crystal caves from Mexico have been selected from the mountain of caves to bring to you the best matching pairs from our shipment in shape and colour. (Please Note, we have many more available in our shop at Ettalong Markets, Ocean View Road for personal shoppers).

These crystal caves are completely natural small caves which have been sliced in half and then polished on each half, thus displaying the internal vug of natural shiny mainly quartz crystals inside. They would make a perfect addition to any collection, or keep them next to the bed for a calming sleep.

Please note that each matching pair is unique in colour and shape, so please browse through the range before you make your final selection. Don’t forget to combine your purchases to save on postage.

These brightly shining Crystal Caves from Spirit Connections are available in matching pairs as they are selectively separated from a small mountain of them to bring you quality in match brightness and colour.



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