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Aqua Aura Quartz 48 mm x 20 mm x 13 mm


Aqua aura quartz can help you access the truth of your emotions. It can also help balance emotional extremes, making sure that your emotions are aligned and cleared.
qua Aura strengthens meditation which can enhance any psychic endeavors. Aqua Aura is used to empower and enhance telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic healing, and automatic writing as well as other modalities.
In part this psychic empowerment is due to bringing more intense energy to the effort.
It will harmonize your energy fields so that you can function at 100% capacity.

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This is a beautiful specimen 

When you first lay eyes on the Aqua Aura Quartz, you cannot help but be enchanted by its shimmering iridescence.

Aqua Aura is called both a success stone and an abundance stone. It is said to attract success to all who use or carry it, and help them understand that it is indeed success.

Aqua Aura can bring prosperity, even possibly wealth.

The stunning and striking color of this crystal looks almost like the finest aquamarine gem, with flashes of shimmering violet and enhanced opalescence.

You will be captivated by this electric blue crystal and its subtle flashes of rainbow luminosity. It’s really now wonder why it’s the one of the most popular aura quartz!


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