Back to Basics Jewellery Making


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At last an Australian Book that every one can follow. We have here a book that introduces you to the elementary wire work, making and using angular units in scrolls and spirals, and how to adapt these various pieces to make simple and or elaborate jewellery as you develop your skills.

It then advances to assembling and soldering in wire work and Chain Making. It also introduces you to the important things such as filing and sawing techniques, soldering and pickling, as well as annealing. Describing in detail the techniques which should be used and followed when ever you will be doing jewellery making

It explains the meaning of Trade Terms, tells you about Tools and Their Uses. Even goes as far as to explain different metals and their melting points

The use of scrolling and twisting wire to make simple or more elaborate chains is not only explained, yet set out in an easy to follow, step by step method. You will find that your creativity of wire jewellery making will only be limited by your imagination once you see some of these designs.

Illustrated all the way trhoguh with many black and white drawings of links, scrolls and twisted links, it makes it so easy to follow. Also tools such as saw frame, and bench pin, files, bezel pusher and bezel roller are illustrated.

Co Authors: Greg & Sandy Cohen


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