ASTROPHYLITE OBELISK 92 mm x 20 mm x 21 mm


The secret that Astrophyllite has to share with those who listen is know yourself. It illuminates your true self, guiding you towards your life purpose. Connecting with your astrophyllite crystal point encourages you to notice the synchronicities that occur in your every day life;

the ones that surround you all the time if you just take the time to listen. These events may appear random at first, but as you pay more attention to them, you begin to perceive these as messages from the Universe. This crystal point is a magnet for these occurrences and opens you up to being more aware of them to understand their meaning.

The flickers of gold and red within these crystal points lift your spirits and make the heart a little fuller.

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It gets its name from the Greek astron, meaning “star”, and phyllon, meaning “leaf.” It may also be translated as “star sheets,” fitting because of the interwoven star shapes that the crystals sometimes form and because of its strange┬álustre, which can be metallic in┬ásome crystals and pearly in others.

Please Note these obelisks are extremely hard to come by in this top quality so are not always available if you happen to miss out feel free to contact us to be put on a waiting list


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