Aragonite Star Clusters 35 mm x 35 mm x 35 mm #2


The energy of Aragonite Star Clusters will balance and support your lower chakras, and provide you with a feeling of stability within your life.

They may aid you to be more patient and to be more content about your life circumstances.

Using them is one of the useful methods to relieve stress.

If you are generally having difficulty coping emotionally with the circumstances of your life, these stones may be particularly helpful.

Aragonite Star Clusters have a strong spiritual vibration and are excellent to aid meditation.

It is a good idea to learn easy meditation techniques, as during meditation, they are known to bring visions of forgotten memories, both from this life and past lives.

It may be challenging to have these memories that you would rather have forgotten, come back to your attention.

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Mother Natures Stone Flowers

you will swear that nature has created these wonderful shaped crystal groups just to show that even the stones & rocks can have beauty

These lovely crystals are potent aids to assist the healing and balancing of the emotional body, and help you to overcome stress and anxiety.

Because of their structure, they send light out in a variety of different directions, to create an outcome of heightened light and energy in their surroundings.


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