How do Crystals Form?

Way back in the beginning of time when the earth – this Planet Earth of ours – was formed, it was hot and filled with molten gases and liquids that needed to cool over time to give us this eventual planet we have today. As the liquids cooled throughout the earth, crystals were formed.  With quickly cooled molten liquids, small crystals were formed. With slowly cooled molten liquids, large crystals were formed.
MALACHITE SPECIMEN 68 MM LONG X 67 MM WIDE X 15 MM THICKOf course, there were a variety of natural chemicals in the earth which, when mixed with each other caused different types of crystals to be formed.

Not only did the chemicals give the colour to various new crystals, but also the shape, formation and hardness of the crystals.

In the beginning, when the Earth was cooling, rocks were formed that were eventually divided into three types (or classes). These are Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic rocks.


Not only do we have the crystals forming in our own Earth, beneath the ground upon which we walk, however there are also the ites that come from The Stars out there in the night sky. The likes of Meteorites, Moldavites and Tektites. They too come in different shapes, sizes and formations. Take this image here of a rather large Meteorite from somewhere in outer space. Full of Diamonds that are way too small to see, there are thousands to the size of a pin head. Yet here it is, having landed on the ground with a terrific crash.

Marvellous Rare Giant Meteorite 8200 grams 260 mm x 200 mm x 100mm app
Onw of our Celestial gifts from The Universe, this beautiful Diamond Meteorite

Finally Life formed, and we have the fossil record to prove it.

Yes, that’s right. Life formed from the humble little Amoeba, to plants and large animals. Birds flew In the sky, fish swam in the sea, rivers and lakes, plants thrived in various lands and climates and animals of many diverse shapes, sizes and forms walked upon the ground. With such a planet rich in formation, we have so much left of the geological record to collect and translate to gather information over the aeons.

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