With some unusual crystals in this earth, we have some great varieties of them. Small to large, inexpensive and upward, I'm sure we have crystals available for you.

Faceted Stones, Opals & Cabochons

We have a large variety of cabochons from size 6 x 4mm to 30 x 40mm. Calibrated and baroque shape opals. Not to mention a variety of faceted stones in all sizes and shapes.


We love our Fossils. You can tell the age of Mother Earth from the study of fossils. We have invertebrate and vertebrate fossils of all sizes. We even have fossil jewellery for you to wear.


Yes, ladies, we have a variety of jewellery for you to discover. Gemstone pendants, necklaces and rings. These are unique pieces you will not see anywhere else.

Celestial Gifts

We stock a range of meteorites, tektites and moldavites in various shapes and sizes. These all come with different healing energies so be sure to look up our Crystalpedia for more information.

Collectors Specimens

Then we have our extra special items which are out of the ordinary. We never know what we are able to obtain, or when, so you will have to check our pages on a regular basis to see our goodies.