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Remember Greg Cohen, the CEO and Founder of Greg’s Showcase? With the wonderful Crystals, Fossils and Gemstones. Well, he is back.  He has been so busy over the years. Now he feels he needs to devote himself to his great love of Nature’s Creations.  So, you can expect to see wonderful specimens of Crystals, Minerals and Fossils on this website on a regular basis. Feel free to catch up with us on our Social Networks as well. 

Greg is:

  • Former CEO and Founder of Greg’s Showcase,
  • Mineralogist & Palaeontologist
  • Collector and lover of Fossils, Crystals and Gemstones.
  • Former Judge with AFLACA and Gem & Lapidary Council of New South Wales
  • Co-contributor to The Cabachon E-mag
  • Co-author of Back To Basics Jewellery Making

Greg has been in the industry of Gemstones, Minerals and Fossils for more years than he cares to remember. Let’s just say it’s been sixty plus years. Yes, I know, he doesn’t look that old. Wisdom comes with age, and he has a lot of years under his belt.

He gravitated toward his beloved crystals from his love of mythology. Greek, Roman, Chinese, Norse and more. But for a good many years we knew him as The Fossil Man, being recognised by his peers in the Lapidary and Allied Crafts, he became a Fossil Judge at Gemborees, Gemkhanas and many Gem and Lapidary Shows throughout the country.

On his many road trips around the country, he visited different Lapidary, Gem & Mineral clubs in major cities and regional areas where he was known as Rocky. Along the way he conversed with the truckies, even pulling over for that thirst quenching cup of coffee. Some of them would ask “What have you got in your van, Rocky?” to which he would simply answer “rocks”. By the time the mandatory coffee break was over, many hours had passed, and he had made new friends.

That was way back in the mid to late 1960s when he towed a 15foot ply caravan on the back of a white E.H. Holden. On the back of the caravan was a hand painted sign which read: –

Greg’s Showcase Rock Shop & Mini Museum
Stop me if you want something from my van.

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