Bogged Down in Lock Down

We have been in lockdown because of the COVID-19 Virus now for twelve weeks. Since Sunday, June 29, 2021. It is now Monday, September 20, 2021. Time is marching to a slow beat and we are missing our little #shop14 at The Galleria, Ettalong Beach a great deal. What we wouldn’t give to open this coming week. Last year, we had stayed away for the same number of weeks. From March to May. But there was an end in sight then. Now, we are just drifting from one month to the next, and every day is a new day in torture.

Of course we want to be there. Open as usual, chatting with our regular and new customers. Seeing the buzz that brought people to gather in this beautiful place on the Central Coast, just an hour from Sydney. Although the drive was a long one each weekend, it was an enjoyable one. Now we have lost our routine. We have lost the reason for awakening to the 5.00am alarm, going outside in the cold brisk air of a still darkened morning. Looking up to see the moon still shining brightly and remaining stars beaming down to the Earth. 

Driving along the Cumberland Highway, Pennant Hills Road and finally onto the M1, having watched the best sunrises showing the bright amber, orange, pink and red skies God offered. What a spectacle it was. But now we arise much later. Lazily knowing there is little for us to do. We can only tidy up, reorganise furniture, stock and miscellaneous, so many times. Cleaning becomes a chore. Although I have finally got my act together to tidy up the backyard, cut down the pesty cactus growing wild over the fence, and get the lawn (such as it is) into a neater patch of orderliness. Now it is much easier to mow and keep the edges in check. We are fortunate to have a wonderful young lad coming regularly to do that for us, so we didn’t have to buy a new mower. 

Washing Machine Blues

The problems when things go wrong during lockdown is you cannot buy everything you want. For instance, my washing machine broke down and refused to go past the spin cycle. Hence everything came out sopping wet. Well, you’d think that wouldn’t be a big problem, except that I don’t have a clothesline. That went by the wayside many years ago when we nurtured our lovely wisteria vine to wind itself around our mammoth Jacaranda tree. There was simply no space for a clothesline. So it got taken out. Now I long for one, but due to the lockdown, we cannot get anyone to install one. So I was left; the first time my washing machine spat the dummy with two queen-size flannelette sheets to dry to the damp stage so I could put them into the clothes drier. This is no simple thing to do when all you have is a small round dress stand on which to drape them over. Consequently, I did one at a time as it took all weekend to dry enough.

Again, lockdown became a problem when I tried to order and have delivered a brand new washing machine. In desperation – as I could not get a repairman to come and see to the washing machine; I ordered one online, looking forward to a whole bundle of washing the following weekend. It was being wheeled halfway down the driveway by a big burly delivery man when he told me he could not take it into the house for me. Not even to the laundry if I stayed outside. You can imagine my reaction when this information hit my ears. Oh well, I didn’t want one, anyway. (Sour grapes)

So now, I go to visit my regular Laundromat, which fortunately for me, is still in our local LGA. I can wash the queen-size sheets and the single-size in the same wash load and get them dry in less than an hour. Well worth the time, I’m not sure of the cost yet. But at least it whiles away some more time. Time I can have away from my laptop – away from my electronic gadgets….(well, not entirely as I still have my phone… 🙂 ).

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